Minister Mano  recently  given interview to Daily Mirror. He said Freedom of speech cannot be the privilege of Southern politicians only. His answer for a question that  was “The CM in his recent speeches had said his original comments were twisted by certain politicians who should have been in jail for misdeeds of theirs. He also qualified that his demands were traditional ideas of the North and East.

Now, this is a free country again. But nobody can demand a separate country or division within Sri Lanka. Nobody can propose an armed struggle to achieve political goals. This is the radius within which you are free to talk and express opinions.

There are some in the South that demand that this country should be a Sinhala  Buddhist Republic. My friend MP Udaya Gammanpila told me at a public TV debate that this country had only one nation and that was the Sinhalese, and all others were minority linguistic and religious groups. The ‘Hitaishi JathikaViyaparaya’ (Patriotic National Movement) Secretary told me, that too at a private TV debate, that all, other than Sinhala Buddhists, shall accept the supremacy of the Sinhala race. BBS General Secretary Ven. Gnanasara Thera threatened to chase all the Tamils to India. I have given appropriate responses to them as per my patriotic stands. But the point I draw here is that freedom of speech cannot be the privilege of Southern politicians only. It is extended to the North as well. “

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