sampanthanNorthern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran revealed that he had received an e-mail in Sinhala, from a person in Balapitiya around the end of September and later,a telephone call , presumably from the same person, claiming that he had come to know of a conspiracy to get a contract killer to assassinate Sampanthan, on payment of Rs 25 million and blame it on the LTTE, to make out the organization is still active.

The CM said the man confirmed that he was the one who sent the email. “He gave details as to how he came to know about it. Who was to be contracted for the killing and so on. I told him that I will look into it and send a complaint to IGP with a copy of the email and would also give the President a copy of what I send the IGP. I told them it was my duty to bring such matters to their notice.

The informant phoned again, a few days ago and said the Director, TID, one de Silva was harassing him for having given the message to me. He had asked the informant as to why he was helping a Tamil and that he should be ashamed for being a traitor by trying to help a Tamil. I brought that matter too to the notice of IGP personally.

The complainant’s name, address and phone number have already been given. The IGP promised to look into it. I presume he will send me a report soon”.
The CM who  former Supreme Court Judge further  said “None should stoop to such a low level in politics to transform a serious matter into a political gimmick. Political considerations seem to pervade all our institutions and it is regretted.”

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