sidharthan-400x300The Report of the sub-committee on Centre-Periphery Relations has been submitted to the Constitutional Assembly for its consideration with the other five sub-committees reports.

According to the Prime Minister’s office sources, six sub-committees were appointed by the Constitutional Assembly to make recommendations on the areas of Fundamental Rights, Judiciary, Finance, Law & Order, Public Service and Centre-Periphery Relations. The Reports have not, as yet, been considered by the Steering Committee. The Reports of the sub-committees are submitted for the consideration of the Constitutional Assembly.

“While there have been many similar recommendations in respect of several important areas, as is inevitable, the Reports of the sub-committees contain overlapping proposals as well as differing proposals on certain aspects. The Steering Committee will consider the sub-committee reports and the views expressed thereon, in preparing its Final Report.” the Prime Minister’s office sources said.

According to the Chairman-Sub Committee on Centre‐Periphery Relations, D. Sithadthan, consequent to the appointment of the sub-Committee consisting of 11 members, including the Chairman, the sub-Committee met seven times on 27th May 2016, 9th June 2016, 23rd June 2016, 8th July 2016, 21st July 2016, 11th August 2016 and 24th August 2016.


The sub‐Committee initially decided the following subject areas for its consideration:

1. Local Authorities: Powers and Functions and Grama Rajya Concepts.

2. Provincial Executive / Executive Committee System.

3. Powers of the Governor and his/යැර role in Legislation.

4. Independent Public Service Commission / Administrative structures of the provinces.

5. Role of the District Secretariat and the Divisional Secretariats vis-a-vis the Provincial Councils / Implementation of Parliamentary Laws on Specified Subjects by the Provincial Councils and Local Authorities / Manner of Implementation of policy

6. Revenue collection and the Formulae for Division of Revenue / Dual Reporting in terms of Revenue Accountability / Policy Making -National, Provincial, District, Local Authorities.

However, after receiving submissions, it was decided that the sub-committee should also consider the following areas:

  1. Concurrent List / Reserved List
  2. Law and Order and Police Powers
  3. Land
  4. Constitutional Court

The names of the sub-committee members and experts and invitees, who were present during sittings of the sub-committee are given in the Annexure to this report.


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