manoNational Co-existence, Dialogue and Official Languages Minister Mano Ganesan said today that people in the North could commemorate late  loved one in  “Maaveerar Naal”  without mentioning the name of the LTTE, as it was a proscribed organisation.

Minister Ganesan said it was a human right for people to be able to commemorate their late loved ones, but added that it was wrong to do it with a political motive. He said the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) also clebrate Il Maha Viru Samaruwa in the South to commemorate their heroes. “They can do so as they are not a proscribed organisation anymore. But People in the North cannot use the name of the LTTE to commemorate their loved ones as it is a proscribed organisation,” he said

Source: Daily Mirror

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