TNPF Leader Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam delivered speech in UN’s Human rights council 34th Session today(15.3.2017).This statement is made in collaboration with the Tamil National People’s Front.

When resolution A/HRC/30/1 on Sri Lanka was passed in October 2015, we warned the Council that whilst calling for a criminal investigation to be undertaken, the resolution did not seriously address the significant shortcomings detailed in the OISL report. We said that the resolution only seeks to provide the appearance of credibility by providing for some “foreign” involvement, to what is for all practical purposes a domestic mechanism. We have also repeatedly been pointing out that the Sri Lankan State has no political will to provide justice.

However even those minimal obligations that were laid out in resolution 30/1 on accountability have now been officially disowned by the Sri Lankan government. It is no lesser persons than the President of Sri Lanka and the Prime Minister who have been leading the efforts to disown the resolution.

What is of utmost importance is that, over and above the verbal rejection of the resolution, not one of the obligations under the resolution has been implemented by the government.

Under these circumstances, when a State clearly rejects the resolution and demonstrates no intention to abide by it, for the UNHRC to provide more time to such a State to implement it would seriously damage the credibility of the council in the eyes of the victims. We reiterate that an independent international investigation in the form of a referral of Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court or by the setting up of an ad-hoc international tribunal will be the only way of securing justice for the predominantly Tamil victims in Sri Lanka.

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